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Your new life starts today!

Stay healthy with Kristin Grube

Food Coach & Mental Trainer

What I can do for you:

You want to: ​

  • Lose weight: I'll help you to adjust your diet accordingly so that the kilos finally tumble off sustainably!

  • Gain weight: I will help you to adjust your diet accordingly so that you can gain a few kilos;

  • Ageing and weight gain: as you get older you need fewer calories, have you adjusted your eating habits? I'll help you!

  • Change habits, like quitting smoking or indulging in your midnight cravings: in a few simple steps, help you to develop new and better habits.


My offer

Foc initial consultation

Analysing eating habits

Healthy Lifestyle

Set your SMART Targets

personalized eating plan

The way to health leads through the kitchen, not through the pharmacy!                       - Sebastian Kneipp

"In case I have a weak moment, Kristin showed me techniques and mantras that actually help me get through the day. Brilliant!"

- Karin L.

“I always wanted to lose a few pounds and it never really worked out. With Kristin I took a closer look at my eating habits and finally found the mistake. Now I'm already 3kg down!"

- Christine H. 

“I was a bit disgusted by my own food diary. Realizing what I'm eating  for the first time was pretty healing. I eat much more consciously now.”

- Nina M. 

Get healthy - stay healthy!

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