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How to start?

Next Steps:

I would be happy to offer you a free initial consultation in which we can clarify where the shoe pinches.

Whether you: 

  • Want to gain weight or lose it

  • Have been prescribed a change in diet for health reasons that you find difficult to implement

  • Want or need to change your lifestyle

  • Suffer from a chronic illness, such as diabetes, Crohn's disease, high blood pressure, menopause, cancer etc and face problems with your diet

  • Maybe your kids are picky eaters and you're at a loss

  • Need techniques and strategies to avoid binge-eating, drinking too much alcohol, overeating


Let's talk and find a solution together! I would like to invite you to fill out this small questionnaire in advance, so that I can prepare myself a bit for our initial consultation. You can find the questionnaire here.

We then arrange a short telephone appointment or an exchange by email. I will explain how I would like to proceed and which techniques I would use with you. 

If we both feel comfortable and would like to work together, then we can start! The appointments are for 45 minutes and I recommend planning one appointment per week at the beginning.

Let's start!

Please get in touch so that we can arrange for an appointment!

Thanks for submitting!
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